Operación de artrodesis: la fusión de discos vertebrales

Clinical case

Clinical case: cervical arthrodesis

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In this clinical case, andThe ICAC team performs surgery using cervical arthrodesis on a patient with a pathology in the neck area.


This is a young patient, 30 years old, who came to our center with a injury to the posterior ligaments and posterior cervical joints.

The patient has had pain for 15 years, which has been disabling her, injuring the lower vertebra and causing a feeling of instability.


Using minimally invasive techniques, specialists proceed to remove damaged disk, thus carving the damaged vertebra.

With small incisions in the patient's skin of about 2-3 millimeters, the team removes the plaque found in the cervical spine.

operación artrodesis cervical_caso clinico


As the hours pass, the patient manages to move her neck. The results offered by minimally invasive techniques are almost immediate, with patients being discharged from the hospital on the same day of the intervention.