Cirugía para extraer hernia discal L5S1 derecha

Clinical case

Clinical Case Surgery to remove right L5S1 disc herniation

The patient comes with a L5S1 herniated disc. This is a particular situation, since the hernia has had an inflammatory reaction and has calcified.

This calcification has been producing adhesions in the nerve, which have caused compression and strangulation in the nerve. The hernia has caused congestion in a nerve root.


In the study prior to the intervention, it is observed that the patient's calcification is causing pressure and strangulation of the nerve root.


Through endoscopic surgery, the adhesions have been cauterized and released until the root has been completely freed.

In this way, the nerve already has a correct range of mobility and does not have any traction. The patient's recovery is very fast.



The patient does not manifest paresthesia, nor pain in the legs or lumbar. In the hours after the intervention you will be discharged, without requiring the use of a belt or any other spinal support element.