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Clinical case

Clinical case: L3L4 disc herniation

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In this clinical case, the patient suffers from a herniated disc at L3L4. The ICAC team will perform a treatment through a minimal incision in the patient's skin.


The patient who comes to our center is an athlete and previously had herniated discs at other levels. Has a hernia that covers the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae, with intense pain, inability to stand, and difficulty continuing to walk for a long time.


Through the advanced spinal endoscopy technique, a degenerative disc disease and a herniated disc between the third and fourth lumbar vertebra, with a mass that compresses the entire structure of the canal.

With a minimum incision in the skin of about 2-3 millimeters, the material from the herniated disc will be extracted.

Operación hernia discal L3L4_ICAC


Advanced spinal endoscopy is the most innovative, minimally invasive technique for the treatment of a herniated disc, so the patient is discharged from the hospital that same day.