¿Cómo influye el exceso de peso en la columna vertebral?

Back and lumbar spine pain due to overweight or obesity

Can being overweight affect our spine? This is a question we ask ourselves daily and is generally only associated with problems such as diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure. However, we never think that being overweight can produce biomechanical alterations in our bones, joints and muscles, especially affecting the spinal column area. In this post we tell you how obesity and overweight influence back disorders.

Cómo afecta el sobrepeso a la columna vertebral

What factors affect weight and health?

In Europe About 50% of the adult population are overweight and almost 13% are obese, these data taking into account the lifestyle currently led, have an upward trend in the coming years.

There are many factors that can affect weight and cause excess weight and obesity. Overweight tends to run in families, which indicates that genetics plays a very important role. Another factor is race or ethnicity, so some groups are more likely to suffer from obesity.

On the other hand, As age advances, people tend to gain weight, generally between 60 and 65 years of age.; It is also important to highlight that children with childhood obesity are more likely to continue with that same state of overweight as they grow and become adults.

Sex is another factor that affects weight and health. Thus, in the United States it is more common for black or Hispanic women to become overweight than for men. Women tend to accumulate fat in the hip and buttock areas, while excess fat in men is concentrated in the abdomen and stomach.

It is also important to highlight that a person's diet and physical activity influence the probability of being overweight and obese. For example, the consumption of beverages that concentrate a high percentage of added sugars, processed foods and A sedentary lifestyle or a very limited amount of physical exercise can have a negative impact on a person's weight and health condition..

Cómo prevenir y tratar el dolor de espalda en las personas con sobrepeso

The consumption of certain medications could also cause weight gain and lead to obesity, such as corticosteroids, antidepressants and anticonvulsants. Other factors such as stress, emotional factors and poor sleep can have a negative impact on a person's weight.

What part of the back hurts from being overweight?

Back pain is one of the most common reasons why patients go to the doctor, in addition to being one of the main causes of disability in the world. It is increasingly common to find young patients who come to consultation for lower back pain, and when they carry extra kilos, that damage is doubled.

Low back pain is one of the first symptoms experienced by overweight patients.. The repetition of episodes of pain in this area and their longer duration are factors that increase the risk that the pain will persist longer or become chronic, and may even lead to functional disability in the person with obesity or excess weight. .

How does being overweight affect the spine?

Being overweight makes it difficult to maintain a stable posture, since the musculoskeletal structures tend to exert extra effort to maintain posture. Besides, There is a relationship between extra kilos and back and joint pain, as the intervertebral discs have to support the pressure of added weight on the back.

Qué factores afectan al peso y la salud

Patients who have undergone surgery for herniated discs have been found to have undergone another operation, which indicates that there is a greater risk of the herniated disc recurring in patients who are overweight and obese, as well as the postoperative difficulties they present. and its recovery time.

On the other hand, it is important to know that fats have metabolic activity, this means that they generate inflammation in the body, which is why obesity turns out to be an inflammatory disease.

How to prevent and treat back pain in overweight people

The ideal thing for the back is to reduce the weight appropriately. First of all, it is recommended to consult with a specialist in dietetics and nutrition so that you can develop a plan adapted to your objectives and reduce excess weight.

Qué parte de la espalda duele por sobrepeso

Physical activity is another factor that helps prevent back pain.. This can be done by taking daily habits such as walking to a destination instead of taking the different means of transportation available, or climbing the stairs in the house instead of taking the elevator.

Know the postural hygiene rules that teach how to adopt certain postures that involve less load on both the spine and the muscles involved.

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4 thoughts on “Dolor de espalda y columna lumbar por sobrepeso u obesidad”

  1. I have lower back pain, I weigh 190 pounds and I have always weighed much less. What can I do to lose a little weight and what exercises should I do?

    • Hello Roberto,
      We do not know your physical, muscular and skeletal composition to know if you need to lose weight. Throughout life the body changes and sometimes a person's normal weight changes. The important thing is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and exercise such as walking, swimming, Pilates, to have a good quality of life.

  2. hola buen día, en mi caso he sido una persona que ha llegado a pesar 105kg, pero también he llegado a pesar 49kg. entonces algún día un doctor me dijo que me afecté yo misma la columna por esas subidas y bajadas, ya me dijeron que tengo discopatías entre l5-s1, no soporto el dolor de espalda sobretodo si estoy parada 20 minutos, me truenan los huesos cuando giro acostada, ya me iban a operar pero no autorizaron en mi servicio médico por mi diagnóstico de esclerosis múltiple, o bueno ese fué el argumento, he tratado de hacer ejercicio y me mata la espalda al siguiente día de que empiezo el ejercicio, ya no sé que más hacer o como solucionar mi dolor intenso, alguna sugerencia?

    • Hola Verenice,
      Los casos de columna son muy complejos y a veces requieren de varios profesionales e incluso varias interconsultas hasta llegar a una solución.
      Si quiere que revisemos su caso puede contactarnos en el 91 005 39 00.


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