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Back pain: causes and main symptoms

Back pain is a very common pathology, which affects, directly or indirectly, a large percentage of the population. In many cases, Back pain appears as a result of poor posture or lifting excessive weight., which could negatively affect the patient's quality of life. It is important to carry out certain practices to avoid, as far as possible, its appearance.

What is backache?

Back pain is a very common condition, characterized by the presence of pain that is located between the cervical area and the lumbar area. It is one of the most frequent reasons for trauma consultations.

In many cases, back pain causes immobility, which could negatively affect the patient's quality of life and their usual activities.

Causes of back pain

The causes of back pain can be very varied., depending on the reason why the pain appears. In many cases, back pain is related to muscle sprains or contractures, which can cause immobility. Also, it can appear as a side effect of degenerative diseases, such as osteoarthritis or osteoporosis, which cause bone and cartilage wear.

In others, back pain appears as a result of muscle tension, either due to having repeated an exercise or posture on numerous occasions and having triggered fatigue in the muscle, or as a consequence of emotional stress.

Some patients experience back pain as a result of nerve compression., that is, due to excessive pressure on a nerve in the back. Finally, back pain can be a result of forced postures or sudden movements on the back.

Symptoms of back pain

The symptoms of back pain can vary depending on the cause that causes them.. However, it is common for the patient to report stabbing pain or pain that radiates to other parts of the body, such as shoulders or legs.

In most cases, this pain is also accompanied by immobility, which prevents the patient from carrying out basic daily activities.

How is back pain diagnosed?

Once the patient experiences back pain, which lasts for several days, he or she should go to the orthopedic surgeon.. First, the patient's symptoms will be studied and a physical examination will be carried out, observing those points where the greatest degree of pain is experienced.

In most cases, diagnostic tests are usually necessary, which allow expanding the information available to prepare a complete diagnosis. Normally, the most commonly used tests are x-rays and MRIs.

Treatments for back pain

Once the diagnosis is made, the most appropriate treatment will be prescribed with the aim of relieving the patient's pain. Firstly, it is usually advisable to apply heat to contribute to muscle relaxation, normally accompanied by an anti-inflammatory treatment that helps reduce the patient's degree of pain.

In some cases, Rehabilitation treatment for back pain is recommended, which helps correct posture and muscle strengthening in the area, always scheduled and supervised by a specialized physiotherapist.

In more serious cases, especially those involving nerve damage, it may be necessary for the patient to undergo surgery to release the compressed nerve.

Back pain prevention

In some cases, back pain is difficult to avoid, especially that caused by degenerative diseases or bone wear. However, There are certain guidelines that can significantly reduce the chances of suffering from back pain..

First of all, control body weight. Since the greater the weight, the greater the pressure on the bones, which increases the risk of suffering from a herniated disc.

Finally, it is advisable to avoid forced postures, as well as impact exercises that involve repeated pressure on the bones.

Natural remedies to relieve back pain

The implementation and application of certain natural remedies can be very useful to relieve and prevent back pain.. First of all, it is especially important to stretch, both before and after practicing sports.

Besides, It is important to train the core area, that is, the abdomen. A good way is by practicing hypopressive sit-ups, which, through breathing control, work and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Once it appears back pain can be relieved by applying contrast temperatures, that is, applying cold and heat alternately.

As has been explained, It is important to identify and treat back pain early, with the aim that it does not become a chronic pathology. To do this, it is important to go to a specialized traumatologist who applies the appropriate treatment to each patient.



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